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At Country Dental, we begin your first dental visit by getting to know you.  You will have an opportunity to share your dental concerns and any of your oral health goals.  We will review your medical history and ask about your dental history, giving you an opportunity to ask about any treatments you may be wondering about.

Your dentist will perform complete extra- and intra-oral examinations, recording the present condition of your teeth and gums, any past dental work, and any work that may currently require attention.  They will also check for pathologies, including jaw pain, cancer, trauma, periodontal disease and bruxism.  The dental assistant will take low dose digital x-rays as required and may supplement these with intraoral photographs and a digital scan of your mouth.

At the completion of the exam, we will review all the findings with you.  Different treatment options will be explained and all of your questions will be answered.

Most new patients will choose to pair their examination alongside an initial hygiene (cleaning) appointment, so we will introduce you to your dental hygienist and get those teeth sparkling!

New Patients: Welcome
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